Welcome to Safe Space Coaching. 

Safe Space Coaching will assist you in planting new seeds that will feed you for life. Nourish yourself by getting to know who you truly are, what you truly value and how you wish to feel in this lifetime.

After all, many of us tend to follow the signposts others have placed in our path and forget to go in the direction we intuitively know we were meant to go.

Safe Space Coaching provides mindfulness coaching and motivational talks/workshops to individuals and organisations to enhance the overall effectiveness of each and every individual so that they are living to their highest possible potential.

Design your life on your terms. Live a life you love.

Feel free to take a journey through the site to see the discovery session, mindfulness courses and talks on offer.

I would love to work with you if you:
  • Feel ready for change
  • Have a burning desire to live more fully
  • Are fed up with the current state of your life
  • Are having difficulties at work
  • Are having difficulties with relationships of any kind
  • Are having trouble with setting personal and/or professional boundaries
  • Wish to take more responsibility for the direction your life is taking
  • Wish to live more authentically
  • Wish to become more self-aware
  • Want more peace
  • Wish to improve your sleep
  • Are recognising that you have been stuck for some time now
  • Wish for more clarity
  • You are having trouble with some or many aspects of your life
  • You are feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in general

You may wish for mindfulness coaching or mindfulness meditation or an online product

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